Decentralized film industry chain

About the MFA Foundation

SINGAPORE MEDIAFOX DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION PTD. LTD.It is the issuing body of the MFA project and MFA tokens. It was registered with ACRA in Singapore in November 2019. The financial and key information of the MFA Foundation will be regularly disclosed on the MFA official website.

About MFA public chain

MFA Chain is the cornerstone of the MFA decentralized film industry ecosystem. The MFA public chain is independently developed and implemented by a technical team led by Dr. JianRong Zheng. It has the characteristics of fast transmission speed, large transaction capacity, and resistance to quantum attacks.

About MFA tokens

MFA currency is the core of MFA ecosystem tokens, will be paid for application, Gas fees, miners exchange between currency and the function such as side chain distribution base currency, landing on 02, 2020. 05 MXC exchange.

White paper

The MFA project white paper is a conceptual document of the MFA. It contains information for participants and potential participants to understand and evaluate the MFA.

MFA Project

MFA chain is the first film industry chain, to improve the film industry based on the block chain ecological efficiency and contribution strength.

MFA Team

Dr Zheng Ming tower and Dr Jian-rong zheng as the co-founder, with the film industry and chain block industry's top talent team.

MFA Innovation

Create an MFA - adj Disorderly stored quantum attack technology system as the center of technology innovation.

MFA public chain

MFAchain main chain is turing-complete intelligent contracts, for digital assets, based on the transfer of the film industry, exchange, exchange and consumption, etc.

MFA tokens

MFA currency is based on ERC20 issued tokens, plan in Q1 and Q2 2020 login mainstream digital currency exchange.

MFA applications

Film industry connected to digital currency and reality, will be on and offline MFA currency cooperation, expand the film in the wallet card application, etc.

Version 1.0.2

There may be multiple document versions of the white paper at the same time. If there is any ambiguity, the latest version should be accepted.

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Research direction

The third generation of leading chain

MFA decentralized film industry public chain100%
MFA Cross Contract Asset Management Wallet 90%
MFA artificial intelligence and IoT convergence75%
MFA multipoint-to-multipoint video transmission system 85%

Market performance

Has landed Fex Global, Bittrex exchange


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Fex Global

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On February 5, 2020, 00 PM





Fex Global

On February 5, 2020, 00 PM


The film industry and blockchain technology fusion team led by Dr. Zuoming Zheng

Dr. Zuoming Zheng


Dr. Zuoming Zheng

Dr. JianRong Zheng


Dr. JianRong Zheng

Kejia Pan

International affairs partner

Kejia Pan


Global technical team



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